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Specialist Care

Support To Live At Home
Our Supported living service is designed for those who don’t feel like residential care but cannot cope with the isolation and boredom of living at home, and need support with tasks and activities of daily living. At S&P Care, our aim is to help you live independently, meeting your social, cultural and emotional needs always. Our services are for anyone who needs supported living at home, including people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, the elderly, and people with medical conditions, and more.

What We Offer


End of Life/Palliative care

Neuro-Stroke, Parkinsons

Peg Feeding


Specialist Care


We provide specialised in-home dementia care, focusing on the unique needs of each client within their own home. Our trained care professionals deliver personalized support, emphasizing safety, dignity, and independence through daily activities and encourage mental stimulation as part of our care.  

We prioritize family involvement (where appropriate), offering regular updates and educational resources to help families manage dementia care challenges. We ensure comfort and continuity in a familiar environment. 

End of Life care

We provide compassionate end-of-life care in the comfort of your loved one's home, ensuring dignity and peace in their final days. Our experienced care professionals offer personalised support tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each family, including pain management, emotional support, and daily living assistance. We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals to deliver seamless care, emphasizing comfort and serenity. Our support can also extend support to families, helping them through this challenging time. 

Neuro-Stroke, Parkinsons

We specialise in expert neurological care for conditions like Strokes and Parkinson's disease, providing tailored support right in the comfort of your own home. Our care professionals are trained to manage symptoms, enhance mobility, encourage speech recovery as well as improve quality of life. We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals to deliver seamless care and we focus on personalised care plans that adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, from physical therapy to speech and occupational therapies. 

PEG feeding care

We provide specialised different types of PEG feeding care, ensuring your loved ones receive essential nutrition directly to their stomachs with dignity and precision and in line with their nutritional care plan. Our skilled care professionals are thoroughly trained in PEG care management, prioritizing safety, hygiene, and comfort. We closely monitor health and adjust care plans as needed, offering support every step of the way. Our home-based approach minimizes discomfort and promotes a nurturing environment where clients can thrive.  


Stoma care

We recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals with a stoma and we are dedicated to providing personalized support that promotes comfort, fosters independence, and enhances overall well-being. 

We focus on delivering compassionate and expert stoma care directly in your home. Our care professionals are thoroughly trained in the comprehensive management of stoma care, including proper maintenance, hygiene, and rapid response to any complications.


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