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Visiting care

Each home visit can last 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 60 minutes (or more) depending on needs and support required.

We also offer from just one visit a day or up to four (4) visits a day; a client can be visited by 1 care professional or 2 care professionals at each visit depending on their needs.

Overnight care

Waking Night Care: The carer is awake and on duty in your loved one’s home for the whole night visit. If your loved one needs help several times during the night, this could be the best option for them.

Sleeping Night Care: The carer will have their own separate room/resting area in your loved one’s home. This can be helpful for people who are anxious if they’re left alone during the night, but don’t need a great deal of physical support. In this option, the carer will not be expected to get up more than 3 times in the night. If your loved one needs more frequent attention than this, the shift would be classed as a “waking night”.


This may be needed if you or another family member provides care for your loved one but need a break. A carer would visit to stay with them for a fixed length of time, such as two or four hours, while the primary carer has a break.

Our home care service is not limited to the home. Your carer can and will assist you with getting out and about pursuing your interests and hobbies and living an independent life.

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Overnight Care

Respite Care

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